Posting again after a long time.So slaves every single one of you been in this situation,asking urself or thinking,yea ,serving a master is just a hobby for me,well no slave,should be a career for you,and it is even if u dont know it yet.Fag,think of it this way,would you be motivated at work,life,in general?would you know what to do?would you be productive?would you be happy?the answer for all those question is a definetly no,because you faggot cant do shit if u are not told to,u want to come home and just listen and obey some orders,this is the only thing relaxing u and making u carrie on,once you realize this it will be much better.Forget the financial part,you know it;s something i deserve,Master will allways make his slaves work more and better,forget every doubting thought,you fucking need this,u reading this and u realizing it in this moment,now u really want to serve dont u fag?You do,because this is you faggot,that submissive part inside you craves to listen to some orders,to be punished,to worship and admire even when Master is not online,that;s what makes a slave,a loyal slave,serving a Master even when hes not arround.

As u allready know,some were born superior and some inferior,this is the natural balance,u are on the inferior side,accept that,fuck everything else homo,u are inferior,do what u were born to do

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